'Will & Grace' go back in time for a 'Gay Olde Christmas'

On Will & Grace, the gang had a "gay olde Christmas," going back in time to 1912. The four of them went to the Immigrant Historical Society to use the bathroom and ended up on a tour of an Irish tenement museum that took them on a Christmas Carol style look back on harder times. Karen embodied the character of Karolyn O'Sullivan, an Irish immigrant with way too many children. Her Christmas gift to them was onions and when she woke up from a drunken night she said to them, "I had the nicest dream. I was rich, and none of you were here."

Jack was John Patrick McGee, an Irish sailor who was in between ships and needed a place to stay. Grace was Billam's wife, Fanny. John Patrick couldn't pay for his stay with Karolyn but as he put it, "But one thing I can offer is that no matter how bleak and depressing life gets, I'm always happy and gay."

Karolyn was late on rent to Billam Von Billioms, played by Will, the closeted landlord who found John Patrick quite handsome. Von Billioms insisted that John Patrick leave his jacket back off, "No need for modesty. It's not the first time I've seen a man's naked arms. I've seen that the usual amount of times. Seven."

Grace was Von Billiom's wife, Fanny who had an eye for interiors. When she saw Karolyn's apartment she said, "Oh, I love this place. It's shabby, but it could be very chic. I'd call it chic-y shab."