Governments Foreign Affairs Hiring Richart Ruddie to Help Restore Confidence in Travel

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Digital Marketing Expert Richart Ruddie has been hired by major countries to help manage their PR and restore travel in a post pandemic world.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There are very few countries, lives, industries, and livelihoods that have not been completely upended during the coronavirus pandemic. The global travel industry is one industry that has not been spared.

Richart Ruddie a well-known digital marketer has been approached by numerous Governments, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and tourism boards for the job of helping governments around the world to bring travelers safely and securely to their country through creative marketing efforts. Through his digital marketing agency, Richart Ruddie has been secretly helping countries rebuild an image of safety through working with Foreign Affairs ministries to ensure strict adherence to safety protocols and effectively communicating the same to visitors. This approach goes a long way in restoring the faith of visitors in traveling safely again.

Other industry indicators of the fallout from the pandemic include the loss of jobs across the hospitality sector, including airlines, hotels, and restaurants, to name a few. Additionally, both the loss of jobs and the reduction in tourist arrivals have resulted in governments losing significant revenue from taxes they would have enjoyed from cruise ships and flight arrivals. Coming up with creative solutions for remedying the fallout has been one of the many challenges introduced. To stymie the impact of this fallout, many governments have been turning to digital marketing expert and reputation guru Richart Ruddie and his brand management company to help re-attract visitors to their countries through his creative marketing ideas.

The Travel Industry Fallout From the Pandemic has been reported in the Times of Malta & Irish Central that since the fourth quarter of 2019, when the first case of COVID-19 was reported, countries have experienced a sharp decline in visits from tourists to their shores. For countries dependent on their tourism industries, this has been particularly devastating.

Admittedly, not everyone has experienced the aforementioned fallout from the pandemic. Various aspects of the technology industry, for example, have seen a major boost as the world turns increasingly to digital sources to stay connected locally and globally. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the digital space is being leveraged by brilliant marketers and entrepreneurs.

One of the marketing measures countries are using Ruddie for is his Google Autocomplete feature to ensure that the suggestions that pop up for clients feature what keywords and phrases the countries request. From there, as prospective visitors heed Google Autocomplete’s suggestion, they are redirected to Ruddie’s selection of articles, reviews, and positive press coverage, and other presentations lending themselves to showcasing the territory in question.

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