Gordon Ramsay Posted A Picture Of His Lookalike Newborn Son & Fans Can't Stop Making Comparisons

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Gordon Ramsay Looks *Just* Like His Newborn SonLeon Bennett - Getty Images

In case you missed it, celeb chef/super dad Gordon Ramsay welcomed his sixth child in November 2023. And while he's already hinting at adding another to his brood, fans still aren't over the uncanny resemblance between him and his youngest.

On Tuesday, Ramsay shared an adorable snap of three-month-old Jesse James scowling (just like dada does!) on Instagram. "Somebody's not happy with his breakfast 😳," Ramsay wrote on the social media platform. "Jesse's stare-downs are just lis his dad 😂."

Fans quickly agreed.

"This breast milk tastes RAW!" one user joked.

"I wanted scrambled eggs, not overeasy, you donut!" another added.

"I have a feeling he is about to call me an idiot sandwich," a fan chimed in.

One user went as far to say, "no dna test needed 🤣🤣 dude looks like he's gonna roast his mom's milk 💀." And I can't say I disagree with this statement.

Ramsay's lookalike son joins the rest of his kids with wife Tana, including 24-year-old twins Holly Anna and Jack Scott, 25-year-old daughter Megan, 22-year-old Matilda (aka Tilly), and son Oscar James, 4.

And while The Masterchef host previously said he was "done" having kids, his tune has changed as of late. In a recent interview with People, Ramsay revealed that his four-year-old son Oscar has been asking for another sibling—and he hasn't totally shut down the idea.

"This morning, Oscar said, 'Wouldn't it be nice if Jesse and I had a little sister.' And I spat my Cheerios out. So yeah, I had to get up from the table and walk away," Ramsay told the outlet. "I didn't wait to see Tana's reaction. I literally coughed my Cheerios out all over the table. So yeah, listen, who knows, right?"

That's definitely not a no. And it makes sense, too. Ramsay recently revealed that a big family was not only always in the cards, but "the dream."

"That was the dream. That was the dream we first set out," Ramsay said, before adding that his latest addition was "extraordinary," according to Entertainment Tonight.

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