Gopuff Puts Out Real Version Of Turbo Rush Energy Drink From The Boys

Turbo Rush scene The Boys
Turbo Rush scene The Boys - Prime Video/YouTube

"The Boys" is known for a marketing that often blends the lines between reality and show. They lampoon real-life events, like when characters from the show parodied celebrities who sang "Imagine" by John Lennon amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its most recent marketing tie-in is bringing a fictional energy drink into the real world. You can now get A-Train's Turbo Rush energy drink.

According to a press release, Gopuff has partnered with Amazon and Juvee for a promotional tie-in leading up to "The Boys" spin-off "Gen V." The limited-time product was featured in Season 3 of "The Boys," appearing in an in-universe commercial. The energy drink is available is available now and will be sold nationally through the airing of the spin-off's first season, while supplies are still available. While it may not be challenging Monster or Red Bull for the most popular energy drink on the market, Turbo Rush is sure to be a hit among fans looking for liquid memorabilia from the show. The can features A-Train himself, blurring the line between the in-universe product and reality.

The drink is kiwi-strawberry flavored and made with vitamins B and C. It contains just 5 calories per serving as well. Fans of the show can also receive a free can of the energy drink as well.

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Turbo Rush Is Here

turbo rush drink
turbo rush drink - Gopuff

There are certain foods that fans just wish they could get their hands on in real life like say the Big Kahuna Burger from "Pulp Fiction." Turbo Rush joins these real recipes for fictional foods. In order to get a free 12-ounce can, folks will have to make a purchase from the Gopuff app. Specifically, they will need to purchase an item from the Gen V collection. After doing so, they should see their free Turbo Rush can in their cart.

The Gen V collection on the app is modeled after different superhero-themed schools in the show, giving another layer of emersion. For instance, there's the School of Crime Fighting and the School of Dramatic Arts, according to the press release. Within the world of the "The Boys," Turbo Rush is an energy drink sponsored by the superhero A-Train as part of his personal brand. The character has the ability to run at superspeeds, hence the energy drink in question.

The energy drink factored memorably into a commercial that parodied Kylie Jenner's Pepsi controversy. That commercial received flack for trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement. Meanwhile, "The Boys" version poked fun at the controversy.

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