GOP ‘has reached herd immunity to intelligent thought’ and other news from scoundrels

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The Republican Party has reached herd immunity to intelligent thought. It has all but died out among the GOP. The milk of human kindness has curdled in its chest. The Republican doctrinaire resistance to fighting climate change may prove it to have been the most dangerous political party in the history of the world. Its policies are the whims of a scoundrel. The goal of those policies is to select who can vote, and if the election doesn’t go well, just let the scoundrel decide who won. The scoundrel, meantime, is trying to figure out how to get more attention to his whims, at the same time blacking his boots to ride that downward escalator and get on it soon and pre-empt non-scoundrels from running for President as Republicans. Does any one think it odd that the thoughts of an ex-President are considered too dangerous for the public to hear? And rightly considered, at that.

Sometimes irony fails to capture the flavor of things.

Let us ponder a few chapters of the Liz Cheney story. Liz Cheney’s father basically destroyed the Republican Party when W. Bush let him take over three Presidents ago and we started some wars we shouldn’t have and had an almost depression. Fast forward to now and it is Liz Chaney who rescues her Party from moral bankruptcy and lowered herself to the point of acknowledging President Biden when he ambled into the House of Representatives. They’ll get her, and they’ll get Romney too. They dare to ask if the Emperor really has his clothes on.

Meanwhile Grandpa Biden, the election stealer by seven million votes, presses on like he realizes he doesn’t have forever to make his mark. His program on infrastructure will only be of interest to people who do not want to fall though a bridge. He wants us to all be shot. Trump only wants selected people to be shot. One sickening detail about Herr Trump’s exit was the Justice Department’s rush to execute a few prisoners before he left.

Why has vaccination stalled? It damn sure in the mountains ain’t because people are afraid of needles. No, an unmasked face in a crowd is neo-Trumpism, an act of defiance. Has everybody forgotten that for most of 2020 Trump preached that the virus wasn’t much to worry about and may even be a good thing and you look funny in a mask and go ahead and spread your droplets?

Larry Webster is a Pikeville attorney. He can be reached at

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