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Google’s $499 Pixel 7a has a 64-megapixel camera and wireless charging

And a new metal accent on the camera bar.


At its I/O 2023 keynote today, Google’s revealed its latest Pixel A-series smartphone, and once again it draws inspiration from the previous year's flagship device, just with a more accessible price. The $499 Pixel 7a is $50 more expensive than last year’s Pixel 6a, but the upgrades may be worth it, especially when it comes to imaging. The Pixel 7a has a glossy metallic finish on the camera bar that matches the rest of the Pixel 7 family and ditches the glass of its predecessor. Additionally, you'll get a new 64-megapixel primary camera sensor (an upgrade from the 12.2MP camera on the Pixel 6a) and a 13MP ultrawide camera with 120-degree field-of-view. It’s also worth noting that it’s a higher-resolution primary sensor than the main camera on the Pixel 7.

That high-resolution sensor brings super-res zoom to the Pixel A series, using digital zoom on 64MP images to hone in your subject better. Optical zoom tops out at 2x magnification and you’ll still get Night Sight, Photo Unblur, and Long Exposure thanks to Google's camera app software. This is Long Exposure's first appearance on an A-series device.

Pixel 7a
Pixel 7a (Google)

With a 6.1-inch screen, the Pixel 7a is smaller than the 6.3-inch Pixel 7 or 6.7-inch Pixel 7 Pro. However, it’s roughly equivalent to the iPhone 14, so it’s not a tiny phone. The OLED screen now tops out at 90Hz (another improvement since the 6a) and works with Google’s adaptive brightness feature, cranking up the nits when outdoors for improved legibility. You’ll even be able to make your manual adjustments, and Google says the algorithm will gradually learn your preferences. Several other Pixel software features are there, too, including Clear Calling for reduced background noise, Direct My Call (you’ll be able to see menu options before you hear them) and voice message transcription (if you’ve received voice notes through the messages app).

The Pixel 7a also comes with Google’s homemade Tensor G2 chip, which should offer performance comparable to its pricier Pixel 7 siblings and be particularly nimble with all those machine learning tricks and image manipulation Google’s phones are best known for. Google also claims this is its most durable A-series phone, too, with a combination of recycled aluminum, Corning Gorilla Glass display and water and dust IP67 protection.

Alongside 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, the Pixel 7a has a 4,385mAh battery, supporting up to 18W fast charging and 7.5W wireless charging. Yes, in an unusual move, Google has decided to bring wireless charging to the A-series this year.

The Pixel 7a will launch in Charcoal, Sea, Snow and a Google Store-exclusive Coral color option.

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