Which goods and services are getting hit hardest by inflation? Use our graphic to compare

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From the gas pump to the grocery store to the doctor’s office, folks in Charlotte and around the country have been hit by sticker shock in recent months as inflation raised the price for many common goods.

Regional data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Consumer Price Index — which measures change over time in the average prices for goods and services — shows rising prices across the board. The data also show that some categories have been hit harder than others so far this year.

Here’s a look at which items have seen the biggest increases in the CPI in the South:

What items are getting pricier amid inflation?

Some takeaways from the data:

  • It’s getting more expensive to get around, per the BLS. Since early 2021, the rate of increase in gasoline prices in the CPI has outpaced other major categories, spiking even more since the start of 2022. The rate of increase in the CPI for new and used vehicles has also exceeded that of other types of goods and services.

  • It’s not just goods that are getting more expensive; critical services have been impacted too. The CPI for medical care in the South is up 6% as of April compared to before COVID-19 reached the U.S. And the CPI for energy services is up 16% in the same time period.

  • Rising home sale and rent prices in the region are driving up the CPI for housing, which is up 10% as of April compared to early 2020.

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