Good Doctor EP Ponders If Shaun Will Ever Overcome Guilt About [Spoiler]'s Death Following Season 6 Premiere

The Good Doctor‘s intense Season 6 opener ended without a single casualty — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t physical and emotional scars left to heal.

Both Dr. Audrey Lim and Nurse Dalisay Villanueva survived their stab wounds — though it might be a while (if ever) before Lim gets back on a motorcycle. After pulling through back-to-back surgeries, Lim woke up in recovery to discover that she was paralyzed. Is Dr. Shaun Murphy to blame?

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The newly married surgeon went against Glassman’s orders and carried on with an alternate procedure in an attempt to save the chief’s liver. Eventually, the pressure of having a friend and colleague on the table triggered Shaun’s dormant trauma about the death of Steve. It wasn’t until he was visited by a vision of his dead brother (played again by Dylan Kingwell) that he was able to compose himself and proceed with Lim’s second surgery.

Villanueva’s violent ex-boyfriend Owen also survived the rampage he started, but not for lack of trying to end his own life.

Grade the Season 6 premiere via the following poll, then keep scrolling to see what co-showrunner Liz Friedman had to say about Shaun’s latest outburst and Lim’s life-altering outcome.

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