Goldin Solutions on behalf of the former Chairs and Executive Director of the Republican Majority for Choice issues statement about Roe v. Wade decision:

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WASHINGTON, June 30, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The following is a statement provided by Susan Bevan, Susan Cullman, Jennifer Stockman and Kellie Ferguson, former Chairs and Executive Director of the Republican Majority for Choice. None of the authors have a financial or lobbying relationship with the subjects raised.

"Lies and manipulation in the political world are nothing new. Yet, even certain Justices of the Supreme Court swore under oath that Roe v Wade was settled law and that precedent mattered. The devastating step to dismantle a constitutionally recognized right of protection and equality for women is not, sadly, a surprise to those of us who sounded the alarm for many decades.

"For over 30 years, The Republican Majority for Choice worked within the GOP. With Republican representatives, we discussed common ground legislation that was supported by Republicans across the country. We donated millions to Republicans while fighting claims that the GOP had no place for pro-choice voters. We held massive events at GOP Conventions. There, and in grassroot gatherings across the nation, we endeavored to show voters and the press that our party was a big tent. We became the face of the moderate Republicans.

"But our legislators lied. When they said that Roe would never be overturned, we drank the Kool-Aid. We believed that Republicans actually cared about women’s rights. We were so wrong.

"We were blatantly used by too many Members of Congress as well as state legislators in our own Party. For decades they greedily took the massive donations and support of moderate voters for granted. The truth is that Republican leaders abandoned the GOP’s limited government roots for a convenient voting block of radical social extremists.

"They threatened candidates and elected officials into voting for their right-wing social agenda or else a "real Republican" would oppose them in the next election. They humiliated fellow moderate Republicans by calling them "RINOS" and far worse. They ran them out of the Party.

"And still, remaining Republicans who claimed that they wanted to help the most vulnerable among us failed to act on basic and compassionate concepts such as support for rape victims, sex education for teens, access to basic birth control, and programs to prevent maternal mortality. They lied too.

"With the Dobbs decision, too many have now lost their ability to control their own health, their economic future, their family choices, and their destinies. While abortions will not cease with this decision, safe ones will.

"And know that this is not the end of the extremists’ plan. Justice Clarence Thomas already told us that contraception and marriage equality are the next targets. Don’t be lulled into thinking protected rights will never be obliterated; one just was.

"Do not trust the words of Republicans, only trust their actions. Those Republicans who will still stand up for common sense social policy are few. If your local, state, and federal Republican legislators won’t take direct action now to protect reproductive rights, walk away and take your money and your vote with you.

"We have children and grandchildren and are pro-life, pro-pregnancy, pro-family, pro-baby, pro-child, and pro-choice. And we are pro-voting - go vote and support women’s health, more needed now than ever."

With sorrow, we dissent,

Susan Bevan, Susan Cullman, Jennifer Stockman and Kellie Ferguson

(The writers are the former Chairs and Executive Director of the Republican Majority for Choice)

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