Golden retriever doesn’t know how to feel about his makeover

This golden retriever isn’t sure how to feel about their new makeover featuring hundreds of stickers pasted all over their furry body, but viewers have strong opinions regarding the dog’s new hairdo.

Instagram account Discovering Animals (@discoveringganimals) posts fun videos of all kinds of animals, from a baby donkey playfully bouncing around to a dog having a bad hair day. One of their most recent videos, originally posted by Instagram user Luiz (@luizthedogwalker), features a golden retriever seemingly experiencing an identity crisis after receiving a makeover involving a few hundred stickers, and while the pup remains unquestionably cute, many animal lovers expressed concerns over putting stickers on a dog.

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The clip opens with a shot of a beautiful golden retriever covered in stickers and sitting in front of a floor-length mirror.

The camera zooms in to reveal the dog staring at their reflection in the mirror with a look of circumspection, bewildered as to why they’re wearing several dozen packs of stickers.

Tinkling music contrasts with the dog’s pensive facial expression.

The dog looks increasingly perplexed as the camera continues zooming in and out, while their skeptical facial expression communicates to viewers, “I’m sure you’re wondering how I got here.”

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While the video was intended to be amusing, many viewers had concerns over the dog’s comfort.

“Poor baby! You might think it’s cute, but pulling off those stickers will also pull off his fur, and I’m sure that will not feel good. Why do you let your kids do this? We own a dog, and I have taught [mine] to respect our doggo’s space,” one user scolded.

“Poor dog. It will probably be painful removing all the stickers. Not cute at all,” commented one viewer.

Others were quick to point out how the stickers make the dog resemble a certain pop star.

Olivia Rodrigo fan,” noted one Instagram user.

Olivia Dogdigo,” another viewer joked.
While the dog seems to have suffered no major harm, it’s important to remember that pets aren’t toys and should be treated with respect.

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