“The Golden Bachelor”'s Kathy and Susan Dish on Nearly Twinning Theresa — and Skinny-Dipping at the Mansion

"I've seen it all, every square inch, and she literally skinny-dipped in that pool every morning," Kathy said of her friend and fellow 'Golden Bachelor' alum Susan

<p>Ricky Middlesworth/ABC</p> Kathy Swarts (left) and Susan Noles on

Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Kathy Swarts (left) and Susan Noles on 'The Golden Bachelor'

The Golden Bachelor’s Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts are holding nothing back as they spill some behind-the-scenes tea, including one near fashion disaster and who made it a ritual to skinny-dip at The Bachelor mansion.

On the latest episode of The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, Kathy, 70, revealed that she nearly wore the same dress as Gerry Turner’s fiancée Theresa Nist — who she memorably told to “zip it” during a fight  — to the live finale of the ABC dating show.

“I went shopping for a dress for tonight,” she told host Ashley Iaconetti, referring to the special. “You're not going to believe this.”

Susan chimed in: “She sent me the pictures, everything. I can prove this is true.”

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<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p> Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner on 'The Golden Bachelor'

Disney/John Fleenor

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner on 'The Golden Bachelor'

“The dress was the dress Theresa had on tonight,” Kathy added, referring to Theresa’s long-sleeved white mini dress. “Can you imagine if I had shown up in that dress? [People would have said] she stalked her.”

When asked how she learned she would be twinning Theresa on her big night, Kathy shared, “No one told me. I decided not to wear it because I thought, you know, she’s probably going to get engaged. It’s like white [and] bridal.”

“You didn’t think of her. You liked the other one better. Tell the truth,” Susan clarified. “It was nothing to do with Theresa, we had no idea.”

Kathy realized she had avoided an awkward moment when Theresa walked out on stage. “I go, ‘Oh my god. She’s got on my dress,'" she recalled. "And I thought, can you imagine Bachelor Nation that would have said, ‘Not only does she tell her to zip it but she goes out and buys her dress.’”

<p>Ricky Middlesworth/ABC (2)</p> Theresa Nist and Kathy Swarts on 'The Golden Bachelor'

Ricky Middlesworth/ABC (2)

Theresa Nist and Kathy Swarts on 'The Golden Bachelor'

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Later in the episode, Susan revealed her unique morning ritual while filming The Golden Bachelor, saying, “I'm the first one up in the morning, skinny-dipping, making the girls crazy.”

“Trust me,” Kathy added. “I've seen it all, every square inch, and she literally skinny-dipped in that pool every morning.”

Susan remembered seeing the shocked reaction on “the faces of these ladies,” adding, “Everybody wasn’t up but we're out having coffee and I go to the edge of the pool, slip it off and…”

Kathy chimed in: “Slip it in.”

<p>ABC/Craig Sjodin</p> The women of 'The Golden Bachelor'

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The women of 'The Golden Bachelor'

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Susan said the ladies wanted to make sure she knew producers could be filming and recalled, “They would be like, ‘Susan, there are cameras.’ I go, ‘Nobody's here.’"

“Also, they’re not going to be able to air it but they could black box you,” Ashley added.

“Oh, whatever. Who wants to see a 66-year-old?” Susan concluded.

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