Gogglebox viewers divided by Abbie and Georgia’s Charles Dickens admission

Gogglebox viewers are divided over an Abbie and Georgia moment featured in the latest episode.

The Channel 4 series was broadcast on Friday (31 March), and it showed the stars watching the BBC’s new adaptation of Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.

It was during the first episode, which was shown on Sunday (26 March), that Abbie and Georgia revealed they had never heard of Dickens before.

“Do you know who Charles Dickens is?” Abbie Lynn asked, to which Georgia Bell fired back immediately: “Do I, hell?”

Abbie then said: “I’m sure he writes a book called Twit and T***, or Twit and Twig or something,” with a confused Georgia stating: “What books have you been reading?”

While unconfirmed, it seems Abbie was thinking of Road Dahl book The Twits.

Many viewers were left in hysterics by Abbie and Georgia’s admission, sharing a series of reactions on social media.

However, there were many who said they could not comprehend the fact they had no idea who Dickens is, with some suggesting they were playing up to the cameras.

“Imagine never having heard of Charles Dickens,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “Never heard of Dickens. I don’t know where to begin...”