Godzilla Minus One finally confirms first streaming release

godzilla minus one official trailer
Godzilla Minus One confirms first stream releaseToho

Godzilla Minus One has finally been given a streaming release date, but with a caveat.

The Oscar-winning Japanese-language film will be available on Prime Video on May 3. That caveat, is that this is only for Japan. Streaming release dates for territories like the UK and the US have not been announced at the time of writing.

There's a reason why fans have been eagerly awaiting the chance to watch the film again.

Not only does it boast visual effects that won it an Academy Award on a fraction of the budget of most Hollywood blockbusters, but the most successful Japanese film in the franchise has also received tons of acclaim for its story.

godzilla minus one official trailer

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Although Godzilla is a major part of the film, a huge focus of it is about the post-war devastation inflicted upon Japan's homes, economy, and people, with main character Kōichi Shikishima trying to rebuild his life while struggling with PTSD.

In terms of physical releases, Japan is getting a selection of home versions of May 1, led by a fancy four-disc set that comes with the 4K Ultra HD version, Blu-ray discs for both the colour and black-and-white versions, and another Blu-ray disc full of bonus features.

It comes with some glorious packaging, art cards, and a booklet too.

godzilla minus one official trailer

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Again, only Japan has had a physical version announced at the current time, but given the worldwide popularity of the film, fans in other territories will hopefully get digital and physical releases sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the American-made Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is still playing in cinemas, and while it hasn't reached the critical heights of Minus One, it received pretty solid reviews and has done well at the box office.

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