GOATZ: Bringing Fans & Celebrities Together In a New, Innovative Marketplace

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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2021 / Industry newcomer GOATZ is taking the Non Fungible Token (NFT) craze to the next level with it's innovative marketplace.

In the last 12 months the NFT industry has experienced an explosion in revenue growth with over 3 billion dollars (USD) in sales volume in the last 12 months. Even with all the growth, there is still an untold amount of opportunity to be had and GOATZ aims to continue the upward trajectory with it's unique take on an NFT Marketplace.

The Mission

GOATZ is looking to create a platform that allows artists in the entertainment industry to connect with their fans in ways never seen before.

In utilizing the NFT technology, these artists can now create pieces of fan memorabilia with nearly every aspect of their craft. From clips of sound, video, or actual scripts, or even bits of lyrics from a song. NFT technology has the ability to give any of these items a sense of uniqueness unseen in any other medium of exchange.

The items which these artists and entertainers are able to create and turn into NFTs are truly endless.

What Makes Goatz Different

The beauty of the GOATZ marketplace is that it creates a win-win for both fans and entertainers.

The entertainment industry has long been known to unfairly profit off the likeness of these artists and entertainers. Oftentimes artists and entertainers only see a fraction of the revenue that they generate for their efforts.

GOATZ aims to give these artists and entertainers multiple ways to create revenue through their platform, finally tipping the scales back in their favor. Entertainers will be able to profit directly from License agreements, NFT creation and sale, amongst other opportunities the creators of GOATZ aim to create.

Blockchain technology continues to grow each and everyday. One thing that has been apparent since the beginning is the countless opportunities it gives to those willing to utilize it.

The industry as a whole is in its relative infancy, which speaks to the upside of projects such as GOATZ. It's often said that early adopters are the ones who experience the highest amount of upside. If the current surge in NFT sales is any indication as to the promise of the GOATZ project it's certainly worth taking a further look at.

On Marketing

GOATZ will be one of the first to pair celebrity likeness with the NFT marketplace. Society as a whole has an insatiable appetite to get close to their favorite celebrities, when you pair that with an exploding new industry the recipe for success is right there in front of you.

How to Learn More
If you don't want to let an opportunity like GOATZ pass you by, check out GOATZ.io for further information on the GOATZ project.

Company Name: GOATZ
POC: Kyle Klemmer
Email Address: kklemmer@gmail.com
Contact Number: 305-509-9272
Website: goatz.io


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