Goat milk, white casholate… unusual flavours to try

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My maternal grandfather was an illiterate goat farmer, who played a mean game of the Italian card game Scopa (his memory was astonishing). As such, I’ve always had a fondness for anything goat-oriented. Maybe something passed down in my DNA. Hopefully not his temper, though.

So I fair fell upon Jordi’s TRK, 55% goat milk chocolate, £4.95/50g. Jordi’s is a Czech bean-to-bar maker and this chocolate, with its fine wrapping, does have a sour first edge, which gives over to mellow creaminess.

For you white chocolate lovers, I have, once again, put myself on the line for you to try some out, which I do do occasionally (I can’t just live off the caramelised whites for ever). Karuna’s Raspberries, £7.95/50g, is a super sweet, very raspberry-forward bar. I’d be lying if I said it was my thing, it isn’t, but I think it might be yours if you like white chocolate and raspberries, and I can tell it has merit. Karuna is a northern-Italian-based chocolate brand, and if you want a white chocolate with something quite different, try its White with Sea Buckthorn, £7.95/50g, a really lovely citrussy after kick.

Ditto Luisa’s Passion Fruit White Casholate, £2.80/25g, which I actually melted, rather beautifully, over some berries (ssh don’t tell anyone).

But my favourite was Solkiki’s Tahitian Nougat, 33% Salty Peanut, £8.50/56g. This came at the end of a long day’s testing of white chocolate and it blew my socks off. Absolutely sensational.

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