Was goalie coach Steve Briere to blame with Maple Leafs?

Another postseason failure would bring change to Toronto Maple Leafs, who fired Steve Briere from his goaltending coach position. Justin Cuthbert wonders if that was the right move.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Speaking of Mrazek and goaltending, the Maple Leafs made some news, letting Steve Briere go. I think that was an interesting decision. Briere being their goaltending coach. The one question I had was did he advocate for Mrazek? Maybe. But more important than that, did he help Erik Kallgren prevent the walls from caving in on that team when Jack Campbell went down for injury? Yeah, I think he did.

I do wonder with this move if the Leafs have maybe earmarked a goalie they want to pursue in free agency that comes in, maybe, a package with a goaltending coach with experience. Maybe they have that experience together as they look to win without a homegrown netminder.

But goaltending for me, when it comes to the Maple Leafs, has been a management issue just as much as it's been, or more, of a coaching issue. And yet, it's Briere who's the one who's suffering the consequences of these failed attempts to win in the postseason.

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