Global revenue in women's elite sport to break £1billion mark in 2024

 (The FA via Getty Images)
(The FA via Getty Images)

Women’s elite sport is set to break the £1billion barrier for the first time next year in terms of worldwide revenue.

Deloitte’s TMT predictions said a combination of more lucrative television and sponsorship deals allied with increased attendances and viewing figures would help it beat that mark.

Jennifer Haskel, insights lead for Deloitte’s Sport Business Group, said: “We wrote a predicition in 2021 and the revenues that were generated from 2021 to now is over 300 per cent higher. There has been an incredible amount of growth.

“We’re seeing popularity in terms of viewership, attendances etc. That’s showing it’s also a great business decision to invest in and support women’s sport.

“Matchday and broadcast income are going to continue to grow but commercial is really that biggest lever for women’s sports right now.

“You’re starting to see women’s only commercial deals but also percentages of full club deals being attributed to the women’s team so that value is starting to become more apparent.”