The global dental contouring market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.65% during the forecast period.


MARKET TRENDS AND DRIVERS. Growing Popularity of Dental Tourism. Dental procedures are the most sought-after treatment by medical tourists. Most medical tourists seek dental treatment in another country for cost benefits since dental surgery is incredibly expensive in the US, the UK, and many other European countries.

New York, Feb. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces the release of the report "Dental Contouring Market - Global Outlook & Forecast 2022-2027" -
People travel abroad for affordable, cutting-edge, pain-free dental care. It is often combined with vacation and tourism experiences in destinations where people travel for dental care. Such factors propel the growth of the dental contouring market. Further, countries such as Mexico, Hungary, Poland, India, Costa Rica, and Thailand have become popular destinations for undergoing multiple dental treatments, such as dental contouring.

Expansion of Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry

Ever-increasing pressure from social media, celebrities, and society to maintain flawless appearances, it’s no surprise that men and women worldwide are turning to more cosmetic treatments each year. Minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry refers to treatments and procedures that require no surgical intervention, little or no tooth preparation, little or no anesthesia, and little or no downtime. These steps make improving a smile more convenient and comfortable than ever. Cosmetic dentistry can address various aesthetic problems, but the most common are cracked or chipped teeth, crooked teeth, uneven tooth length, teeth gaps, etc.

Changing Lifestyles and Unhealthy Food Habits

According to the WHO definition, oral health is a condition in which one is free from chronic oral pain, oral and throat cancer, oral infections and wounds, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, loss of teeth, and disorders. These conditions limit one of the individual’s abilities to bite, chew, smile, speak, and psychosocial well-being. The harmful effects of alcohol and smoking on general health and internal organs are well known, and further health of teeth and gums is also seriously affected. A large number of chemicals in nicotine and the acidity of alcohol can damage gum tissues and drastically increase the risk of oral cancer. People with poor dental hygiene habits are even more likely to develop these serious and uncomfortable conditions. Such factors are expected to promote the dental contouring market as people are most likely to look after their oral health during the forecast period.

Favorable Patient Demographics for Dental Contouring

Each year, millions of people suffer mouth injuries resulting in emergencies such as chipped, knocked out, or cracked teeth. At least 5 million tooth loss or fracture cases are reported annually, most of which occur in sports. Most children (more than 90%) have mamelons on their permanent incisors. A mamelon is a small bump at the tip of the upper and lower front teeth, giving it a jagged appearance. Growth in the prevalence of dental problems is due to factors such as increased consumption of high-sugar foods and tobacco products.

Rising Acceptance of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry

a) Over the past few years, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry have become increasingly popular due to the accessibility of highly advanced dental care, which was previously highly expensive and mostly specialized, and technological advancements. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the faster-growing areas in the dental industry. Cosmetic dentistry is currently experiencing a huge boom not only in the US but around the world. The cosmetic dentistry market is projected to surpass USD 27 billion by 2024 as the popularity of cosmetic dentistry soars. This tremendous demand for cosmetic dentistry has triggered a wave of technological advances.
b) The number of skilled medical professionals providing aesthetic medicine has increased over the past few decades. The increasing dental treatment options have created the demand for dentists to come up with more practicing units, which are expected to increase the demand for dental contouring globally, thereby contributing to the overall dental contouring market growth.

Growing Awareness of Oral Hygiene & Aesthetic Dentistry in Emerging Economies

Oral diseases are unevenly distributed among the population based on race and ethnicity. Oral disease progression can cause pain, infection, and sepsis, and the treatment is expensive. The importance of oral care products has increased tremendously in recent years due to increased consumer awareness and improved dissemination of information in developing countries, thereby contributing to the dental contouring market. The most notable advances in the last decade include the introduction of universal aesthetic rules and guidelines.



The diamond burs segment dominated the global dental contouring market with a share of 37.99% and is expected to witness the highest incremental growth of USD 433.50 million during the forecast period. Diamond burs are typically the best rotating instruments for many restorative procedures, including cavity preparation for direct and indirect restorations, enameloplasty, grinding and polishing of definitive restorations, and removing defective restorations before replacement. To replace defective restorations, rotary diamond instruments should be used to avoid damage to the tooth structure and increased pulp temperature. Regarding the properties of diamond burs, cutting performance is one of the most important properties to consider when choosing a diamond bur. In dentistry, cutting efficiency has been described as the amount of substrate (tooth or dentin) that can be removed in each amount of time. As a result, longer cutting times result in lower cutting efficiency. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies dental burs, diamonds, and endodontic instruments as regulated medical devices.

Segmentation by Instrument
• Diamond Burs
• Dental Drills
• Sanding Discs


The irregular edges applications segment dominated the global dental contouring market with a share of 27.59% and is projected to witness the highest incremental growth during the forecast period. Irregular edges on teeth in adults result from chipping related to trauma, wear and tear, and improper dental health. Adults must not ignore a cracked or chipped tooth because it can further weaken and expose the inner, soft layers of the tooth, resulting in pain, irritation, and infection. However, cosmetic dentists can help by adjusting the jagged teeth with a cosmetic approach. Through contouring, a portion of the dental enamel is removed to shape and smooth the appearance of teeth.

Segmentation by Application
• Irregular Edges
• Chips & Cracks
• Minor Crowding
• Tooth Overlapping
• Others


The global dental contouring market by the site is segmented into canines, central incisors, and lateral incisors. The canines segment dominated the global market with a share of 43.30%, followed by central incisors and lateral incisors in 2021. Canine teeth play important roles in eating, speaking, maintaining the shape of the lips, and guiding the other teeth into position. Most people dislike the point on the canine tooth and prefer to be contoured or shaved off. The dentist always does this to ensure that the occlusion (the way the teeth bite together) is not affected. Many individuals with pointy canine teeth want a complete smile makeover and are looking for ways to fix pointy canine teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, tooth contouring options can help resolve aesthetic concerns.

Segmentation by Site
• Canines
• Central Incisors
• Lateral Incisors


Europe led the global dental contouring market in revenue and witnessed the highest incremental growth. Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain are the major revenue generators in the region. One of the major factors driving the occurrence of dental diseases is the lack of oral hygiene among individuals. The increasing number of oral diseases in the region leads to a growing consciousness among individuals to maintain dental health and adopt solutions to cure these issues.

The APAC region is expected to witness the highest growth rate of 6.93% in the global dental contouring market during the forecast period. The increasing number of periodontal diseases, the growing edentulous population in countries such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea, and the rising awareness about various dental procedures and their types have resulted in the increased adoption of dental chairs in APAC. Furthermore, the rising number of M&As, the increasing participation of companies in dental shows and conferences, and the growing accessibility of dental care in emerging countries will drive market growth. The increasing awareness among consumers about various dental treatments helps improve overall personal aesthetics, which will favorably impact the demand for dental care products and solutions during the forecast period.

Segmentation by Geography

• North America
o US
o Canada
• Europe
o UK
o Germany
o France
o Italy
o Spain
o China
o Japan
o India
o South Korea
o Australia
• Latin America
o Brazil
o Mexico
o Argentina
• Middle East & Africa
o South Africa
o Saudi Arabia
o Turkey


The global dental contouring market is highly dynamic and diverse, with many global, regional, and local players offering a broad range of services and solutions to the end users. The industry is consolidating and witnessing many partnerships. It is expected that consolidation within the industry will continue as vendors, particularly those with limited financial, operating, and marketing resources, seek to partner /combine with the leading global players that can provide growth opportunities.

The dental contouring market players emphasize adopting various techniques to enhance dental contouring treatments among consumers. Manufacturers emphasize identifying different market opportunities and setting certain goals to achieve productivity and efficiency. Vendors are focused on altering and refining their unique value propositions to achieve a strong market presence. One of the key strategies implemented by market players includes the introduction of differentiated bundled services.

Prominent Vendors

• Alliance Dental Care
• Aventura Dental Group
• Aqua Dental Clinic London
• Axis Dental Clinic
• Ballyclare Practice
• Cleveland Clinic
• Cleveland Smiles
• Dental Folks
• Dental Wellness Group
• Dental Boutique
• Dr. Yojna’s Dental Clinic
• Dr Jason Harvey
• Elleven Dental
• Facets Dental
• Gentle Family Dentists
• Great Expressions Dental Centers
• Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic
• Mayo Dental & Implant Clinic
• Monarch Dental Clinic
• Newton Centre Dental
• Pacific Dental Care
• Sensu
• SidiDent
• Sonrisa British Dental Clinic
• Stunning Dentistry
• The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry
• Tooth ‘N’ Care
• Vilafortuny Laser Centre
• Westwood Dental Group
• Wildwood Dental Clinic


1. How big is the global dental contouring market?
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4. What are the growing trends in the dental contouring market?
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