Glitch messes with PC Optimum points promotion

Rewards cards are shown in a photo. (Yahoo News Canada)

A promotion for the PC Optimum program went haywire after a glitch in the system revoked customer points this week.

On Monday, members of the points plan were enticed to win one million points if they spent $60 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart as part of the  “Load. Shop. Surprise” promotion.

In the hours following the campaign, many customers saw a spike in their points after they spent the minimum amount to enter.

“I didn’t expect to win anything, but then I went out to the car and I had 340,000 points,” customer Doug Biers told CTV News.

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That thrill was short lived for many, who soon discovered all their points had been wiped. Many took to social media to vent their frustration. 

In a statement to CTV News, Loblaw, the parent company for PC Optimum, explained that the problem has been fixed. 

“On December 9, a system error resulted in some of our PC Optimum members receiving an incorrect amount of points when shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart,” the statement read.

“We will be re-instating those points associated with the promotion shortly and hope this helps everyone have a little bit of a happier holiday.”

The PC Optimum program, which allows customers to collect points that can be spent on groceries, has about 18 million members.