GlengarryAI Democratizing the Chatbot Market

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From Humble Beginnings to Young Serial Entrepreneurs Making a Name in the Tech World

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2022 / GlengarryAI has taken the tech startup world by storm. Founder, Mark Zakarian, and Advisor, Haik Sahakyan, took a specific and unique niche and simplified it into a very easy-to-use interface where even the least tech-savvy users are able to understand.

GlengarryAI is a lead engagement platform serving small to medium sized businesses and has revolutionized business communication and sales/lead generation. With 29 developers in their team, GlengarryAI leverages institution-level artificial intelligence technology to provide their users the most comprehensive and automated SMS (short message service) messaging solution for deal source qualification and marketing. By creating hyper-customized personal text messages, GlengarryAI has been able to achieve over 25x ROI (return on investment) across various industries, eliminating the complexity and confusion in working with chatbots to build personalized AI marketing campaigns. As marketing strategies move away from outdated methods such as direct mail and email marketing, GlengarryAI partners with companies to drive more revenue and qualify deals with hyper-personalized mobile messaging, without sacrificing human capital.

"Our mission is to democratize technology in qualified lead generation and marketing for all businesses," said founder, Mark Zakarian. "We are providing small and medium business market institution level AI / ML marketing solutions because they don't have the technological know-how or capacity to purchase an all-in-one solution that offers a version of our capability."

Mark and Haik have been good friends since middle school. Mark's background is in commercial real estate while Haik comes from wealth management and financial technologies. During Mark's venture in commercial real estate, there was a heavy focus on traditional means of marketing such as cold calling, canvassing (door knocking) and snail mail. Unfortunately, it did not generate as high of a response as he needed in order to convert the number of leads required to hit his quotas. He wasn't getting enough responses and realized his method of marketing wasn't effective or efficient. A colleague suggested short message service (SMS) outreach because everyone reads their text messages. Eventually, he and Haik started testing with SMS marketing and then added a layer of AI to take care of the qualification problem he was having. Initially, they combined three systems all-in-one not thinking it was going to work.

"We didn't have proof of concept and we weren't going to spend money developing a technology we didn't know was going to work," Mark said. "We bootstrapped it with three different platforms and had a lot of success with it internally. We bought a few properties, listed a few properties and sold a few properties. We knew right then and there that we were on to something."

By August of 2021, after thirteen months into development, Mark and Haik had a finalized product. Since then, they've been adding features and updates; gaining active users in different industries such as theme parks, real estate, lending, meal prep, solar panels and technical recruiting. Currently they are in the process of enhancing their technology in order to integrate with WhatsApp and Kick and hope to have that completed in the near future.

"The goal is to highlight GlengarryAI and what it can do for the small/ medium size business and the evolution of business communication," Mark concluded.

Company Name: GlengarryAI
Contact Person: Mark Zakarian
Address: 3420 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phone Number: 833-453-6427
Website Link:

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