Girlfriend freaks out over boyfriend hiding her toothbrush for ‘abnormal’ reason: ‘Red flag behavior’

A woman doesn’t understand why her boyfriend is trying to control her tooth brushing habits.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her boyfriend of four months takes issue with the fact that she brushes her teeth every morning before him. She just likes her breath to smell good if she is going to be kissing someone. To “teach” her a lesson one morning, he hid it.

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“When I am having a sleepover with a partner I will get up before them and brush my teeth and come back to bed,” she explained. “This weekend I slept over at my bf’s place and Sunday when I woke up and went to brush my teeth while he was still sleeping my toothbrush was missing from the bathroom!”

She couldn’t find her toothbrush, so she used her finger. When her boyfriend woke up later and kissed her, he was shocked her breath was minty.

“I said ya and explain how I somehow stupidly misplaced my toothbrush and had to improvise,” she wrote. “He then tells me no that I in fact didn’t lose my tb that he hid it. To. Teach. Me. A. Lesson! He then goes on saying he was making a point about how my brushing my teeth first thing habit wasn’t ‘normal’ and even used the term ‘OCD.’”

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She didn’t like that he was trying to diagnose her with a mental condition when he wasn’t qualified. So she got up and left.

“He tried to prevent me from leaving saying I was being dramatic,” she wrote. “He has been blowing my phone up ever since I left. I had some choice words for him but I’ve told him to back off and give me space. He has ignored my request for space though. [] My best friend/roommate says this is red flag behavior but other friends say I’m being ridiculous because he is otherwise amazing.”

Redditors sided with the girlfriend on this one.

“Nothing you described sounds like a problem to me at all, or even especially abnormal,” a person commented.

“You panicked for good reason. Trust your instincts. They’re trying to protect you,” another said.

“Who in their right mind is going to call brushing your teeth regularly anything but NORMAL?” a Redditor said.

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