Gingerbread, gianduja… It’s good to keep an open mind

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I had arrived in London for a week, ostensibly to work on my book. The initial headiness of being in the childhood home for five full days with only myself to think about soon gave way to great sighs of melancholy as I ventured into cupboards not visited since childhood. Suitcases from the 1970s, money belts from old school uniforms, fancy handkerchiefs in presentation packs, my dad’s old jackets, folded caps and crumbs still in the pockets. I found a Club biscuit (mint) in the fridge which, I discovered, while spitting into the bin, was well past its sell by date.

Cut into squares and dusted with cocoa, Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolates were wonderful

I had resisted buying Tony’s Gingerbread bar (50% sugar!), knowing being alone with it, while trying to work/procrastinate, would not be a good idea. Instead I had packed, with great foresight, some Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolates, £12.50 by Cocoa Caravan. I approached these with caution, having tried some of its truffles before and not been overly fond of them. But this is why you must always keep an open mind/mouth with chocolate. Cut into squares and dusted with cocoa, these were wonderful. Absolutely stuffed with hazelnuts (it’s the second ingredient), they were unlike anything I’d really tasted, gianduja wise, before but so flavoursome.

Also packed – how well I know myself – were some super-high cocoa content Honey Praline bonbons from Aurosó, from £10. Also super low in sugar (1.1g per choc) they are perfect if you fancy a chocolate treat that won’t send you down the fun-slide into sugar oblivion.

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