Giants coach Joe Judge won't ask players to travel to remote training camp amid coronavirus pandemic

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has a difficult task ahead of him this offseason. The first-time head coach is expected to perform despite not being able to see his players amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While Judge could try to get around that by setting up a remote training camp location away from New Jersey, he’s not willing to do that. Judge, 38, doesn’t think it is right to ask players to travel across the country during a pandemic.

As Judge says, he wouldn’t be too eager to make that trip if the situation was reversed.

Some teams have reportedly looked into hosting training camp outside their home state, according to Albert Breer. Some states won’t allow mass gatherings for the foreseeable future, meaning NFL training camps wouldn’t be able to take place in those states. In order to get around those restrictions, teams are looking to host training camps in states that would allow those gatherings. Judge doesn’t seem willing to do that.

Despite those restrictions, the NFL is hoping to proceed as usual with a normal schedule. It’s unclear whether that’s even possible, especially considering teams like the Giants are stuck in limbo until their states are deemed safe enough to host mass gatherings.

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge during the NFL scouting combine in February at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. (Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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