Everything we know about boxing biopic Giant

Sylvester Stallone produces this Prince Naseem ‘Naz’ Hamed film

Amir El-Masry and Pierce Brosnan in a scene from boxing biopic Giant
Amir El-Masry and Pierce Brosnan star in boxing biopic Giant. (True Brit Entertainment)

Giant is set to tell the underdog story of how Prince Naseem “Naz” Hamed went from a small-town fighter to a world champion boxer, with Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, producing.

In addition to being backed by Stallone’s Balboa Productions, the film will be directed by Gangs of London’s Rowan Athale who also wrote the script. It’ll keep things local too, having shot in and around Leeds throughout early 2024.

Read on for everything you need to know about his upcoming sporting drama.

Naseem Hamed (right) exchanges punches with Manuel Calvo during their IBO Featherweight title contest
Naseem Hamed (right) exchanges punches with Manuel Calvo during their IBO Featherweight title contest. (Getty)

Giant has yet to secure a UK release date. However, with production coming to a close, we’re sure that details of its arrival will be with us soon.

Unfortunately, no trailer is available for Giant just yet. That said, as soon as it makes its way online, you'll find it here — so check back soon.

Brendan Ingle trains with Prince Naseem Hamed
Brendan Ingle trains with Prince Naseem Hamed. (Getty)

Giant tells the uplifting true story of the relationship between Prince Naseem and his steel-worker-turned-trainer Brendan Ingle. Together, the pair defied the odds to take the boxing world by storm in a story that ended with Naseem winning multiple world championship titles.

However, it’s also an underdog tale that’ll illustrate Naseem’s struggles growing up in small-town Sheffield and the issues that came with the challenge of trying to follow his sporting dreams.

According to the movie’s official synopsis, Naz and Ingle’s unlikely partnership combined with “Naz’s unorthodox style, cocky persona, and sheer dominance in the ring, propelled them to the top of boxing’s elite and unprecedented levels of global superstardom, all in the face of the rampant Islamophobia and racism of ’80s and ’90s Britain.”

Pierce Brosnan attends US-Ireland Alliance's 2024 Oscar Wilde Awards
Ex-James Bond star Pierce Brosnan will play Ingle. (Getty)

Amir El-Masry will play Prince Naseem Hamed. You’ll likely recognise him as a young Mohamed Al-Fayed in season five of The Crown alongside appearances in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and A Haunting in Venice.

He’ll be joined by former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan as his tough trainer Ingle.

The cast will also include Katherine Dow Blyton, Austin Haynes, Arian Nik and Rocco Haynes. Meanwhile, two stars will play younger versions of Naz, including Ali and Ghaith Saleh.

Giant is coming soon to cinemas.