Ghosts star tricks the Taskmaster with ‘sneaky’ anagram

kiell smith bynoe taskmaster
Ghosts star tricks the Taskmaster with anagramChannel 4

Taskmaster spoilers follow.

It's rare to trick the one and only Taskmaster Greg Davies, but Kiell Smith-Bynoe managed to do just that in the show's semi final.

The Ghosts star is part of this season's celebrity line-up, together with Frankie Boyle, Ivo Graham, Jenny Eclair and Mae Martin. In tonight's (May 25) episode, Kiell came up with a brilliant item for the prize task, leaving Greg speechless.

The brief called on the contestants to bring the sneakiest objects to the table. While three out of five taskers resorted to books concealing hidden items, both Mae and Kiell went for more refined solutions.

kiell smith bynoe taskmaster
Channel 4

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As Mae planted pieces of paper in response to a 'knock, knock' joke on their co-stars, Kiell chose to focus on Greg, much to the delight of his trusted aide Alex Horne.

The comedian presented what looked like a simple pen, but was actually a recording device. Kiell had asked Greg to sign a message for his friend Tseikna Ensgith earlier using that very pen, which was secretly recording everything the Taskmaster was saying.

But that's not all. A smug Kiell explained he'd made up his pal's name, as Tseikna Ensgith was revealed to be none other than a clever anagram for "the sneakiest thing".

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An impressed and only slightly annoyed Greg couldn't help but give Kiell the five points he undoubtedly deserved. The episode continued with vegetable painting and holepunching tasks, together with wildly inaccurate, one-minute history lessons given by the quintet.

Off to a good start thanks to his prize task effort, Kiell won the semi final, leading the race for the third time in a row.

With just one episode to go, and only seven points separating Mae and Kiell, the Taskmaster final is shaping up to be a tight two-horse race.

Taskmaster series 15 airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4. Six further series and a spin-off, Junior Taskmaster, have been confirmed.

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