German goalkeeper tries to pass ball, only to realize it's five feet behind him (Video)

Mainz goalkeeper Robin Zentner swung his foot at the ball – or, rather, at the air where he thought the ball was. (Screen shot: Sky Sports)

The following video, from a German Bundesliga game between Mainz and Borussia Monchengladbach, is completely inconsequential. It’s also absolutely hilarious, and impossible to stop watching.

Mainz goalkeeper Robin Zentner received a back-pass in the first half of Saturday’s match, took a touch and looked to cycle possession to a teammate. After a second or two, he picked out the right option, and tried to play the ball … only to realize it was, uh, not exactly where he thought it was:

How does this happen? Zentner clearly misjudged his own first touch. But it’s wild that he misjudged it so egregiously, and that his peripheral vision never notified him that, hey, the ball isn’t in front of me anymore.

Fortunately for Zentner, he was able to scramble back, hold off pressure from Monchengladbach’s Lars Stindl, make the clearance and spare himself further embarrassment. But certainly not all of it.

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