Geraldo Rivera, Don Lemon fed up with Trump supporters believing election was stolen: 'Based on propaganda'

On The Story With Martha MacCallum Monday, Geraldo Rivera got heated while speaking about the fact that millions of President Trump’s supporters still refuse to accept that he lost the election. Trump, along with many Republicans in congress, has repeatedly claimed the election was stolen. Geraldo says that belief is based on fake news, and pointed to the dozens of losses Trump and his team has endured in their effort to prove the election fraudulent.

“But it’s a belief, Martha, based on propaganda. We’ve heard nothing but whining and complaining,” Rivera said. “What about the courts? Don't we have courts for a reason in this country? Every court that has reviewed this matter has decided against the Republicans, against President Trump. The high court of the United States, including three Trump-appointed associate justices have ruled against or declined to take these cases.”

Rivera placed the blame on Republicans in congress for their constituents’ unwillingness to believe the reality that Joe Biden won the election, as did CNN’s Don Lemon. But Lemon used much stronger language when tackling the subject on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon.

“Stop saying that we must respect Trump supporters who believe bull***t because it is bull***t that you have been feeding them,” Lemon said. “The president and you have been feeding them the BS.”