Geraldo rips Trump for taking vacation while COVID bill unresolved: 'We needed some leadership here'

Geraldo Rivera slammed President Trump on The Five Wednesday night for heading to Mar-a-Lago while the COVID relief bill remains in limbo. Congress passed the bill Tuesday night after months of deliberation, and Trump almost immediately said he wouldn’t sign it, demanding larger stimulus checks. If no action is taken on the bill, the government will shut down early next week and millions will lose unemployment benefits.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to agree with Trump’s demand for larger stimulus checks in a rare moment when Trump and Pelosi find themselves on the same side of an issue. Republicans, on the other hand, have stayed largely silent. With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID relief bill and so much at stake, Rivera was left wondering what would happen next.

“Now what are they supposed to do?” Rivera asked. “He’s going to Mar-a-Lago, now is Nancy Pelosi going to meet with Mitch McConnell? Are they gonna get together, get a plan? What are the American people gonna do? We’re left adrift right now.”