George Conway Mocks Trump's Ever-Changing Excuses In Cookie-Themed Essay

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George Conway ridiculed Donald Trump’s fast-growing rotation of excuses over the FBI search of the former president’s Florida home for classified documents he may have taken there illegally after leaving office.

In a satirical essay published in The Washington Post titled “Trump Didn’t Take the Cookies. Nope. Never. Why Ask?” the conservative attorney highlighted the absurdity of Trump’s claims since the raid.

FBI agents were searching for White House documents improperly taken to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, reportedly including some related to nuclear weapons. Trump has since railed relentlessly against the bureau, using the conflict to score political points.

He’s accused the FBI of corruption and claimed that any damaging materials found at his home were planted there, but he also argued he had already “declassified” the documents they may have found, among his other contradictory excuses.

In Conway’s article, writing as Trump, he insisted he had never had a cookie in his life but also “gave the cookies back to you when you first asked for them.”

“If only you had nicely asked for the cookies back, I would have given them to you. Instead, you broke into my cookie jar, and you rummaged through my wife’s clothes,” wrote Conway, whose wife was a Trump aide.

“People throughout the Country are very angry with you for going after My Cookies. Very, very angry! Be careful what you wish for!”

Read the essay in The Washington Post.

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