George Conway blames Trump and conspiracy theorists like Marjorie Taylor Greene for 'moral collapse' of GOP

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During Tuesday’s Anderson Cooper 360, Lincoln Project founder George Conway discussed the future of the Republican Party. Conway, a Republican, believes former President Donald Trump has severely damaged the reputation of his Party.

“I think we're watching, if it hasn't happened already, the moral collapse of the Republican Party,” said Conway. “This is a product of four years of people who knew better being silent about Donald Trump, who himself was a conspiracy theorist.”

Trump’s most recent conspiracy theory is that the presidential election was rigged. His rhetoric and baseless claims have been attributed to the attack on Capitol Hill during the certification of the electoral college votes. As a result, he became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

“The problem is this conspiracy theorism, the QAnon insanity, all of this has metastasized,” said Conway. “The Republican Party has a significant portion of it that is devoted not just the cult of Donald Trump but to insanity.”

Freshman GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has come under fire recently for her support of conspiracy theories. She has made several outrageous claims in the past and still promotes the unfounded and widely rejected belief that the election was rigged.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene propounding bizarre theories and saying that the speaker of the House should be assassinated and talking about Jewish space lasers,” said Conway. “I don't know how this Party can survive like that.”

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