George Clooney Not Impressed With Josh Brolin's Pranking Skills

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

George Clooney has peeled back from the pranking lately. Hail, Caesar! marks the second consecutive film (after Tomorrowland) where the actor’s co-stars have reported a surprisingly lack of shenanigans from the notorious prankster.

Looks like he’s still getting the last laugh, though.

Josh Brolin recalled with tempered glee how it was he who did the pranking on Caesar!, the new 1950 showbiz comedy from the Coen brothers, and implored us to ask Clooney for all the juicy details. So we did. We asked Clooney (watch above).

“He Cellophane’d my car, which is amateur s–t,” said Clooney, who was joined by Channing Tatum at the film’s Los Angeles junket. “I mean, what are we f–king 15? I’m sending stationery to other people with his name on it and he’s Cellophaning my car.”

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Stationery, though? Maybe Clooney did prank Brolin, and the latter just doesn’t know it. Regardless, the burns kept coming. “I think he was just so pissed off about the orange makeup and dress that he was wearing, that I think he was totally consumed with shame and didn’t really have the psychic time to be able to prank me back.”  

“I don’t think he’s hanging it up,” Brolin added. “But he’s a married man now.”

Maybe. But Brolin might want to ask his contacts if they received any strange letters from him.

Hail, Caesar! opens Feb. 5.