Gentle Monster Debuts Celestial-Inspired Sunglasses Collection

Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is delivering a bold collection of sunglasses, inspired by the moons and stars. The experimental spirit of the 1966 art project '9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering' drives the presentation forward, blurring the lines between art and science, simultaneously reminding wearers they are two sides of the same coin.

Celestial motifs beautifully accent the twelve designs, making them truly out of this world as the statement-making optical accessories. Arriving in a wealth of shapes and colors, the collection includes an eye-catching oval silhouette comes in an iridescent blue and purple colorway, while a rounded pair appears in a soft pink shade with a twinkling gold emblem on the temple of the frames. A bone-white version curved in a similar shape is accented with splashes of a warm amber near the lens and on the tops.

Elsewhere, a chic and sophisticated classic black cat-eye option, enhancing the timeless style with bold temples. Dad-inspired wrap around sunglasses still reign supreme as the sporty is featured in a luminescent lilac hue, adding a gentle touch of femininity to its otherwise edgy aesthetic.

Each design features the signature BOLD symbol on the temple and range in prices range from $320 to $400 USD. The "Galaxy of 9 Evenings" campaign is on available Gentle Monster's website as well as its flagship stores.

Take a look at the campaign in the gallery above.