General Motors gives its U.S. dealers 40,000 EV charging outlets for public use

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General Motors plans to enable its dealers to install up to 40,000 electric-vehicle charging outlets in communities throughout the U.S.

The move would equal a one-third increase in the number of publicly available charging ports in the U.S. There are currently some 120,000 outlets on more than 50,000 stations across the nation, according to the Department of Energy.

GM said it is giving up to 10 chargers to each of its dealers "to deploy the chargers at key locations throughout their local communities."

Owners of all-electric cars, including non-GM brands, will be able to access the chargers, which will provide the same type of electricity as an outlet that powers a clothes dryer. Charging times vary significantly depending on the range of the vehicle and its technology, but it would typically take several hours to fully charge a vehicle with a range of a couple of hundred miles.

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GM said it will also sell its charging units to the public.

GM's announcement comes as the automaker ramps up the production of electric vehicles with the goal of eliminating gas-powered cars and light trucks by 2035. Several other companies have mapped out similar plans to ditch the internal combustion engine, including Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Honda.

At the same time, politicians in Washington are debating President Joe Biden's proposal to include billions in federal funding in an infrastructure package to install EV charging stations throughout the country.

The availability of public chargers is viewed as a catalyst in the adoption of EVs, even though owners typically do most of their charging at home or work.

"We want to give customers the right tools and access to charging where and when they need it, while working with our dealer network to accelerate the expansion of accessible charging throughout the U.S. and Canada, including in underserved, rural and urban areas," GM President Mark Reuss said in a statement.

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans live within 10 miles of one of GM's more than 4,200 dealerships, including those selling Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Buicks and GMCs, the automaker noted.

Nearly two-thirds of car shoppers say additional stations would help convince them to buy an electric vehicle, according to a February survey of car owners by car-buying site CarGurus.

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