Gen Z Is Drawing Literal Butterflies On Their Faces — Here's How to Make The Trend Wearable

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Why Butterfly Makeup Is the Y2K Trend You Need to Know
Why Butterfly Makeup Is the Y2K Trend You Need to Know

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If you like to keep up with trends, it's safe to look back to the early aughts for inspiration. For better or for worse, low-rise jeans, camouflage nail art, and zig-zag hair parts are trending again.

Butterfly clips are another look from the era that's all over social media, and we have to admit, it's comforting to see our favorite hair accessory from high school all over social media. And it seems that butterflies aren't just back for your hairstyles, they're here for your makeup looks, too.

The concept of butterfly eye makeup isn't new, but Hailey Bieber recently brought it back to our attention with the two-toned winged liner she wore to Coachella. Her look featured a butterfly-esque shade of blue drawn along her lower lash line and winged out to meet her top liner. If makeup looks could take flight...

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Since then, we've noticed people donning similar eye makeup on social media. And while some are taking the butterfly aspect quite literally by drawing on detailed wings that resemble the fluttery insects, others are taking the more "grown-up" approach à la Bieber with their colorful, yet subtle looks.

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It's a perfect look for the summer because it's equal parts trendy and fun. If you want to hop in on the trend, here are some of our favorite butterfly liner looks.

Leave it to prom princess Olivia Rodrigo to make butterfly eyeliner look edgy, cool, and the only vibe we want to channel now.

Subtle and sweet with a flair for drama, this subtle butterfly liner is perfect for someone experimenting with hints of color.

An easy way to make the butterfly liner trend more grown up is by applying a nude shade to your lids, drawing on a wing with a black or brown liner, and keeping the fun color(s) for the bottom lash line.

For those looking to take the trend in a literal direction, these tiny wings are playful and fun. They're obvious enough that they're a statement, but not too bold to be considered costume makeup.

In place of traditional butterfly wings, give the look a little more edge with bold, geometric wings instead.

Butterfly wings can be iridescent, so pack on the color and top the look off with some face jewels for extra drama.

The subtle bottom liner wings out slightly and stands separate from the top shadow and liner look, creating a two-winged shape.

Mod meets butterfly with this metallic winged look.