When is GCSE results day 2022 and what time can I find out my results?

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Students at the Harris Academy receive their GCSE results  (Alex Lentati)
Students at the Harris Academy receive their GCSE results (Alex Lentati)

Students across the UK sat their GCSEs and A-Level exams earlier this year, with most exams ending by June 28.

This year, the tests returned to normality, after being disrupted over the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic – but there are some changes to the assessments and grading.

The Department for Education says: “As we return to exams, we want to get back to the pre-pandemic standard, but in the interests of fairness, Ofqual [who take the decisions on grading] won’t do so in one jump.

“Instead, 2022 will be a transition year to reflect that we are in a pandemic recovery period and students’ education has been disrupted. In 2022 the aim, therefore, will be to move grading to a point close to midway between 2021 and pre-pandemic profiles.”

So, when are the all-important result days, and what amendments have been made for the class of 2022?

Here’s everything you need to know.

When are GCSE and A-Level Results Day 2022?

AS and A Level students received their grades on Thursday August 18, 2022, while GCSE results will be released on Thursday August 25, 2022.

Students should have been provided with a full timetable of when to expect their results, either by the examination board or by their school.

What time can I find out my results?

All pupils will be able to collect their results from 8am on August 25.

If you’re unable to go to your school, you can ask to receive your results by post or email. You can also arrange for a relative or friend to pick up your results for you. They will need to take in a signed letter from you and a form of ID for themselves.

What changes have been made?

In most GCSE, AS, and A-Level exams, students had access to advanced information on the area of focus that their exam would be on.

Another change that was introduced was that schools and colleges were allowed to choose the topics their students sat in the exams, for subjects in English literature, history, ancient history and geography.

GCSE maths and physics students also had access to a sheet with relevant formulae and equations while in their exam hall. For art and design, there was no timed practical work, and students were assessed on their portfolio alone.