GBBO's Prue Leith Inadvertently Makes NSFW Comment and Paul Hollywood Can't Keep It Together

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Great British Baking Show
Great British Baking Show


Things heat up in the baking tent when wholesome advice about doughnuts turns into accidental dirty talk.

In an upcoming episode of the Great British Baking Show, judge Prue Leith innocently advises a baking show contestant how to best fill a doughnut with cream and inadvertently says some hilarious, but not-safe-for-work comments when taken out of context.

Making it even funnier, after Leith says her critiques, co-judge Paul Hollywood and co-host Matt Lucas cannot contain their laughter.

The baking show's official TikTok account posted the sneak peek clip from the episode, which already aired in the U.K. but will be streaming for U.S. watchers on Netflix on Friday.

The video, which is captioned "Some helpful advice from Prue," shows the exchange between the judges and baker George Aristidou from the current season.

When advising that Aristidou try a different method for filling his doughnuts, Leith speaks from personal baking experience. "I need two holes so that I can squirt," she says. The video then cuts to Hollywood and Lucas snickering.

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But it isn't until Leith continues and says, "You squeeze the bag and when you meet that little bit of resistance, it usually means it is full," that the two men can't keep it together. Innocently, Leith asks, "Why are you laughing?" and Lucas says, "We're just children."

Episodes of the 10-week competition drop on Fridays in the U.S., but premiere three days earlier in the U.K. (where it is called The Great British Bake-Off).

In the wholesome competition show, a group of 12 amateur bakers compete in a series of challenges (three over the course of a weekend, including a blind bake) — all while tucked away in a remote tent on a sprawling estate.

One contestant is eliminated each week, and after 10 weeks, the winner is chosen out of the bakers.

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Longtime judge Hollywood has been a part of the show since its beginning in 2010. Alongside Hollywood is co-judge Leith, who came on the judging panel in 2017. Also returning cast members are comedians Noel Fielding and Lucas, who are hosts for the show.

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