Gary Neville calls for Glazer family to sell Manchester United and leave country: ‘They are scavengers’

Jack Rathborn
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Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville (Sky Sports)
Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville (Sky Sports)

Gary Neville has labelled the Glazer family as “scavengers” and called on them to sell Manchester United and leave the country amid plans to form a breakaway European Super League.

The Red Devils were confirmed as one of the 12 founding members of this rival competition to the Champions League on Sunday evening.

And a furious Neville reiterated his desire to fight against the move, while condemning the owners of his former club.

“I thought it was a criminal act,” Neville told Sky Sports. “I was half hoping they would, off the backlash, they would rethink it. I saw the statement and it had Joel Glazer’s statement to it, and I thought, ‘this is a problem’.

“He’s intelligent, he knows what he wants. I thought this is serious. He’s not backing down. He’ll try force this through. They’ve been through hell at Manchester United. They don’t care. When I saw his name I was really worried.

“It will change football in this country forever. We have to mobilise. You have to write to your MPs, your local football clubs. Forget allegiances, we have to stop this. They’re trying to take this away from us.

“I’ve stayed quiet over the Glazer family on the basis that it’s still Manchester United, I can still watch them play, I can still be happy and sad. If they take dividends out, I can live with that slightly. I can’t live with them attacking every football fan in this country. They’ve overstepped the mark. They are scavengers, they need booting out of this football club and out of this country.

“Fans will say it’s too late, it’s never too late. We have to stop this. They’ve created a monopoly, a closed shop, a tournament they are guaranteed to be in it. They are taking the honesty and integrity of our competition.

“There will always be clubs with more money, but they can be beaten, but they are trying to take it away. Never, it can never happen. The owners, I hope they are panting hard. Their stomachs are churning. It’s an attack on the integrity of our sport.”

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