Gardener stuns with before-and-after photos of dramatic lawn transformation: ‘Just over one year of difference’

One homeowner said they created a picturesque front garden in under a year once they decided to remove their boring lawn.

There are plenty of reasons to make the change from grass. Not only do alternatives have more character and variety, but most take less water and upkeep, making them cheaper and easier to own. Plus, the flowers help feed local pollinators that keep plant populations healthy and make gardens fruitful.

Their before image was an ordinary square of lawn sandwiched between a few mulch beds.
Photo Credit: u/Ojja / Reddit

This Redditor, who posted the pictures in the r/NoLawns subreddit, had a ton of ideas they were eager to put into practice. “I tore out the lawn in February/March of this year,” they explained. “Just over one year of difference between photos.”

Their “before” image was an ordinary square of lawn sandwiched between a few mulch beds. Despite the shrubs and rocks around the border, it looked plain and uninviting.

The “after” photo, on the other hand, was magical. A curving stepping stone path led around a fountain made of natural stone and past a hanging lamp to a curved wooden bench. Vibrant Irish moss dotted the ground, and several small trees surrounded the area — half blazing with fall colors and half lush evergreens.

“Excuse all the little nursery pots,” said the Redditor. “I am just about to put in some more groundcover and dwarf conifers this fall.”

The profound transformation did several things for the yard. Besides adding trees to purify the air, it made the space seem larger, and gave the owner somewhere comfortable to sit, so they’d be more likely to spend time outdoors.

This Redditor isn’t the first to upgrade their yard this way. Whether it’s as simple as planting flowers or as in-depth as constructing a huge treehouse, removing lawns opens up infinite possibilities.

Commenters loved the progress the original poster made. “Wow this is stunning! I love the variety of colors,” said one user.

“It looks great,” said another user, who also left a helpful tip. “If you want a more natural look for your large rocks, bury them about 1/3 into the ground. It was a tip from a landscape designer when we built our house. Makes a subtle but noticeable difference.”

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