'GanjeTuBhiKar': Khali Asks a Bald Man To Kiss for The 'Kiss Cam'; Watch Video

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Dalip Singh Rana, also known as The Great Khali, is an Indian wrestler who may not be competing in WWE as of now, but he sure has his social media moments. This time, he’s hogging all the attention due to an old video of him from the ring, in which he’s not fighting but instead hosting a ‘Kiss Cam.’

On Friday, a montage video posted by a Twitter user @thephukdi, went popular on social media in which the referee can be seen standing alongside Khali and telling the audience that this time the wrestler wants to demonstrate to the spectators the true meaning of entertainment by organising a ‘Kiss Cam.’ Following the announcement, Khali instructs random members in the audience to kiss.

When the camera zooms in on a bald man, Khali naively addresses him, “GanjeTuBhiKar.” Khali’s distinct voice and massive body make his social media presence even more appealing to netizens. And it was the wrestler’s one-of-a-kind characteristic that prompted netizens to laugh.

Since the video’s release, it has gotten about 30.8k views, with over 2000 likes and counting.

The thing which is funnier than the video is the netizens’ remarks. To add to the levity, one person remarked that you can take a Punjabi out of Punjab, but you can never take Punjab out of a Punjabi, referring to his Punjabi-Hindi hybrid language.

Another user said that the wrestler has got no chill.

Notably, back in 2006, The Great Khali had a sensational WWE debut in a bout against The Undertaker. In his very first match in the WWE ring, Khali annihilated Undertaker with his techniques and won an unexpected victory. The battle was unlike any previous WWE event since it was the first time an Indian wrestler faced off against the giant. Khali’s domination demonstrated that he was there to leave an impression, which he did. Khali won several championships, including World Heavyweight Champion.

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