Gang members allegedly went to Benton City grad party looking for trouble. 1 ended up dead

Police say a shooting happened inside the detached garage at this home on Willard Avenue.

A Yakima-area gang member allegedly went to a Benton City graduation party in June looking to shoot rival gang members.

But it was one of his own fellow gang members who ended up dead, according to court documents filed recently in Benton County Superior Court.

Jesus Contreras Chacon, 20, was killed when someone at the party fired back at the party crashers, said the document.

In all, five teens at the party were wounded in the gunfire.

Ruben Marin, 22, is now charged with five counts of first-degree assault in connection with the shootout in the crowded garage of a Willard Avenue home on June 10.

Benton County investigators claim Marin was the initial gunman who left five teens wounded, and an unnamed shooter killed the 20-year-old Contreras Chacon as he drove away with Marin from the shooting.

While Marin went to the home apparently aiming to attack rival gang members, it’s unclear if there were any at the party.

A $1 million nationwide arrest warrant was issued in Benton County for Marin. The charges include the enhancement of using a firearm, which would add years to his sentence, if he’s convicted.

He’s currently being held in the Yakima County jail, accused of killing a man in a Yakima apartment complex parking lot on Oct. 15.

He allegedly watched two others get into a fist fight with a man, and after it was over, security video shows Marin shooting the person before all three fled in a car.

The woman who allegedly drove Marin and Contreras Chacon away from the Benton City shooting scene — 21-year-old Vanessa M. Martinez — is charged with first-degree rendering criminal assistance. She was booked into Benton County jail on that charge.

Willard Avenue shooting

A combination of Instagram messages and security video show that Marin, Contreras Chacon, Martinez and another woman traveled from Yakima to Benton City in Martinez’s car, say investigators.

Benton County deputies received hundreds of Instagram messages shared between Marin and several other people.

It appears Marin and Contreras Chacon discovered the party through an Instagram post. While Contreras Chacon had to convince Marin to come, he was the one to suggest looking for rival gang members.

Marin got a gun from a fellow gang member and allegedly brought it to the party, said court documents.

Marin was standing near the open door when he allegedly fired 12 shots into the crowded garage. Witnesses told investigators that the attack was unprovoked.

In the messages, he claimed he saw rival gang members at the party using their phones.

Five teens, ages 15 to 18, who were standing near the entrance were wounded, according to court documents. Four of the teens were taken to Trios Southridge Hospital in Kennewick, while one was treated at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland.

Police discovered 12 spent bullet casings and a live round on the west side of the garage where the shooting started.

A security video shows teens screaming and running from the party to their cars. The video shows the second suspect running to the corner of Kiona Road and Willard Avenue where he ducked behind a parked vehicle.

The car driven by Martinez and carrying Contreras Chacon and Marin sped past his hiding spot. When Martinez turned onto Kiona Road, the suspect opened fire at the car hitting Contreras Chacon in the back.

The driver took him to Prosser Memorial Hospital where he died, said investigators.