Nintendo's new $30 DIY game is 'Game Builder Garage'

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Last year Nintendo rolled the final major update for Super Mario Maker 2, but it has something else up its sleeve for creatively-minded players. It just announced Game Builder Garage, a new title for the Switch that encourages you to program your own game using a variety of visual tools.

Game Builder Garage
Game Builder Garage

Step-by-step lessons walk players through programming games based on plans before they can play them, and then Free Programming mode allows players to develop custom designs. Naturally, you can also share games you build with others via the internet or locally from one console to another, and you can take a peek under the hood of someone else's game to understand how they programmed it. A press of a button switches games between playing and building mode, and it even allows the use of a mouse for players who need the additional control method.

Game Builder Garage launches for the Switch on June 11th, and it will cost $30.

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