Galt Police Department arrests man, woman suspected of shooting at patrol officer

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Police officers in Galt arrested a man and a woman on Saturday after a patrol officer was fired upon.

In a news release, the Galt Police Department said Alejandro Reyes-Rios, 24, of Stockton and Virginia Maria Montanez, 24, of Galt were taken into custody on suspicion of shooting at an officer.

A Galt patrol officer was in the dead-end of Crystal Way north of Boessow Road just after 3 a.m. when he spotted a vehicle that was previously involved in a DUI arrest.

The vehicle was stopped on eastbound Boessow Road, east of Crystal Way when the officer heard gunshots ring out, some of which struck the ground near him.

After the officer requested backup, the vehicle fled east on Boessow Road, and was eventually stopped near the intersection of Cherokee Lane and Boessow Road.

Reyes-Rios and Montanez were both taken into custody without incident, and nobody was hurt as a result of the shooting, according to the police department.

Evidence was collected from the inside of the vehicle as well as on Boessow Road, where the vehicle was previously seen stopped. Police officials said no further information was available.

Reyes-Rios faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm against an officer and conspiracy. He is ineligible for bail, according to Sacramento County jail records.

Montanez faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm against an officer, conspiracy and acting as an accessory after the fact. She is also ineligible for bail.

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