Gallery 90220 is Solidifying Compton's Place in the Arts Scene Worldwide

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2022 / Compton, California is becoming a city well-known around the globe for its cultural contributions to the arts. Gallery 90220, in Downtown LA, thinks that Compton is going to further solidify its place as a cultural landmark as time goes on, and all without losing its sense of community.

Brandify Group, Friday, July 1, 2022, Press release picture
Brandify Group, Friday, July 1, 2022, Press release picture

Gallery 90220 is a Downtown LA-based contemporary art gallery, located on E 60th Street, and also acts as a community safe haven for creatives of color to express themselves, both to their community and the world. The space hosts special galleries, as well as events and pop-ups for brands hoping to reach out to the community. "My art gallery is a hub of creativity for the young, emerging, and notable artist. We often have celebrity visitors. I would love to curate artist events that highlight and celebrate creatives," David Colbert Jr., owner and curator of the gallery says. The gallery hosts artists from other cultural landmarks, like Brooklyn or Philly, and has an online shop where you could buy featured works. The project was a labor of love, and the building was designed by architects to maximize the utility of the 720-square-foot space. Holding large metal worked doors with brick walls, Gallery 90220's space holds a sense of authenticity that provides a level of intimacy to the experience of visiting.

The gallery is also host to the Red Dot Series, a new podcast where creatives, activists, and appreciators speak about art, diversity, the importance of community, and pushing the culture. Guests on the show have been local artists, both visual and musical, and community activists covering topics related to Black entrepreneurism, farming, art, and community development. "It's really dope to see young creatives who are making art come together for a discussion," David says. "It's important for me to collaborate with people from my city. It's a moment to celebrate our artistic excellence."

Community gathers at Gallery 90220 for the Red Dot MRKT, a flea market hosting local art, food, and fashion. Gallery 90220's main directive is to be, "From the culture and for the culture." Through Red Dot MRKT, the gallery is able to boost the people of the community and give them a platform to get noticed. As helping push creatives of color toward success is a major part of the gallery's mission, Red Dot MRKT hopes to be a space where hopes and dreams thrive.

David isn't stopping with Gallery 90220. As well as serving as Executive Director of Compton Art Walk Inc., David Colbert is also launching a business selling art supplies, "The art supply industry isn't diverse. I want to change that," David says. "I want to bring awareness. I also want to make art more accessible and that's why I'm creating a website for artists to build community and sell art." All this is done with the goal in mind to connect artists of colors worldwide, across industries and mediums from music to art to film and TV.

Gallery 90220, as well as David's other ventures, are only picking up speed and are attracting the attention of investors and artists both in LA and worldwide that are hoping to support Black-owned businesses and community engagement. They also hope to transition more fully into a digital space. As art moves online, there are more opportunities than ever to be seen and heard. Gallery 90220 is excited about these possibilities and, as always, is working to ensure everything it does is from the culture, for the culture.

Compton native, David Colbert Jr., is one of the top emerging curators in Los Angeles, an advocate for the arts, and devoted to fostering culture in the community. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Compton Art Walk Inc., which was responsible for Compton's first-ever art walk event in 2018. Since then David has quickly emerged as one of the leading creatives from the City of Compton. David's greatest achievement includes founding and opening Gallery 90220 and in 2021 held the inaugural opening. Distinguished as a black-owned business, David is also the Executive Producer of The Red Dot Series podcast, which features top young creatives from around the country. David's most recent venture includes founding the Red Dot Market, a festival located in the historic Central Avenue district of Los Angeles, celebrating culture, art, food, fashion, small businesses, and music.

To learn more about David and Gallery 90220, visit or email at

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