Fyre Festival organizer finally breaks his silence: 'What the f*** was I thinking?'

On ABC's The Con Wednesday, which focused on the infamous Fyre Festival and Billy McFarland, the founder and organizer of the disastrous music festival finally broke his silence from his jail cell in his first televised interview since being sentenced to six years in prison.

"When I think about the mistakes that were made and what happened, there's just, like, there's no way I can just describe it other than, like, what the f*** was I thinking? And I think that applies to so many people on just so many decisions that I made," shared McFarland.

During the episode, which captured the filming of the new Dumpster Fyre podcast, in which McFarland is 50% owner, McFarland admitted to lying to investors in order to swindle them out of $26 Million, as he stated, "I knowingly lied to them to raise money for the festival, yes." McFarland also explained exactly how he did it.

"What I did was inflate our company's numbers. How much money we had, how much money we were making, in order to raise overall money. I tried to justify to myself, well, you know, everybody has access to my bank account, they all know what's going on. And so, just give us more money. We're going to make this happen, we all know what's happening. But in reality, everybody didn't understand, you know, what was going on in my head," explained McFarland.

While McFarland is currently housed at a federal prison in Ohio with two more years in his sentence, the disgraced con man did reveal that "lying to people who put their trust in" him is his biggest regret.