Fyre Festival II Tickets Have Gone on Sale for Anyone Who Wants to Set Their Money on Fire

The inaugural Fyre Festival was a massive disaster back in 2017. But if that didn’t put you off the whole enterprise, you can now buy tickets to the second incarnation of the botched event.

On Monday, the first round of tickets dropped for Fyre Festival II, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The 100 tickets, priced at $499 each, sold out in just one day, but subsequent releases will be coming soon, according to the event’s website. They’ll become progressively expensive depending on when you buy them, with the next slate costing $799 and the last one set at a whopping $7,999.

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“It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here,” Billy McFarland, the convicted grifter and organizer of Fyre Festival, said in a video announcing the ticket drop. “It really all started during the seventh month stint in solitary confinement.”

To back up a bit, McFarland spent about four years in federal prison after being convicted of wire fraud related to the original Fyre Festival. For that event, he got $26 million from investors and made $100,000 in ticket sales. But when attendees arrived at the ill-fated festival, they were faced with disaster-relief tents and paltry cheese sandwiches—nothing near the celeb-studded, VIP experience they were promised.

McFarland was released from prison in March 2022, and he spent time under house arrest at a halfway house until September of that year. In the video from Monday, McFarland says that he spent some of his time while incarcerated working on a 50-page plan to relaunch Fyre Fest. He mentioned a new documentary and a Fyre Festival Broadway musical, alongside Fyre Festival II, which is scheduled for the end of next year, although an exact date and location have yet to be publicized.

While it makes sense that many would be wary of coughing up the cash to attend the event, there was clearly enough interest to sell out the first batch of tickets. Victoria Medvedenko, a 20-year-old nursing student, told the Post that both her and her boyfriend snagged tickets, and she’s not too worried about their money simply going down the drain.

“I really don’t think Billy would want to go back to jail and he’s had a lot of time to think about it and prepare this time,” she said. “I think the first time around it had a lot of potential. He just didn’t have enough time or the right mind-set.”

Maybe—just maybe—Fyre Festival II will have a different ending, then.

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