Future and Metro Boomin Are Finally Ready to Unleash Their Collab Albums

Prince Williams

Future and Metro Boomin are one of contemporary rap’s most potent and important rapper-producer duos, a team who've spent the last decade or so re-molding the genre’s sounds to fit their aesthetics. The singles and classic album cuts they've made together number in the dozens, but the crown jewel of their joint discography is unquestionably Monster, the 2014 mixtape executive produced by Metro that helped Future course-correct creatively after misfiring with his mainstream-leaning album Honest earlier that year. Despite all the times they’ve linked up on different songs since—including recent heaters like “Superheroes” from Metro’s 2022 album Heroes & Villains—fans have continued clamoring for a proper Monster sequel.

Well, as Metro just teased on his social media accounts, “Good things come to those who wait.” Nearly ten years later, Metro and Pluto are back with a project called We Don’t Trust You, a slick play on that instantly classic Future hymn “If Young Metro don’t trust ya, I’mma shoot ya,” which Metro often uses as one of his producer tags. The duo announced the project officially with an album trailer that shows them linking in the desert like a vintage Gus Fring/Walter White meet, suited up in twin white-on-white Rolls Royce Cullinans. As a rousing score swells, a narrator warns against impostors in the rap game, while promising that “Ain’t nothing changed—we still here doing it.” To cap it off, we hear 2Pac, in a sound bite from 1996’s Bullet, exclaiming “I don’t trust no-motherfucking-body,” before Future Hendrix intones the title.

The implication is clear: the Monster energy that sent Future on a historic, unprecedented run through 2014-2015 is flowing again. And judging from the inclusion of two different release dates—March 22 and April 12—it looks like our patience is about to be rewarded with a whole lot of music. (This isn’t without precedent for Future, who in 2017 dropped two of the best projects in his catalog a week apart from each other.)

Metro began teasing the albums around the same time he put out his last solo project at the top of 2023, saying that he’d been in the studio with Future and that they were both intent on meeting the high standards set by their previous work. “I feel like that’s why we get the results that we do, because we don’t come in with any ego,” Metro told Complex last summer. “He’s completely there asking you what he should do and what you like. With some other people, sometimes you have to eat whatever shit they give you that day. But with Pluto, he’s on the same shit I’m on, and I tell him, let’s make the hardest shit we can make, and he’s all in.”

To let Metro tell it, this is just the start of a very busy year for the superproducer—but his reunion with Future arrives with ten years worth of anticipation and hype. If anyone can deliver, it’s these two.

Originally Appeared on GQ