A Frontier Airlines passenger who complained about coughing was told to ‘drive’ instead

Madeleine Marr
·2 min read

Here we go again with another story about the unfriendly skies in a pandemic.

This latest happened on a Frontier Airlines flight from Miami to Philadelphia last Thursday, TMZ first reported.

In a clip posted to the site, a concerned passenger complains to a flight attendant standing in the galley about how he was just mistreated by a different flight attendant.

The man explains that he expressed concern to her that a passenger sitting behind him was coughing and sneezing. The attendant moved his seat, he said, but when he asked her why the seemingly ill passenger was not removed from the flight, she told him that next time he wanted to travel he could drive his car.

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In the clip, you can hear the male flight attendant agree with his co-worker, who is not seen.

“Why should he be removed?” says the Frontier staffer, his lanyard and badge clearly visible. “You are the one who should be on the no-fly list. This is a form of transportation, sir. You have an option: You can drive your car if it’s a problem. You can’t tell people to get off the plane if they’re coughing or sneezing.”

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When the passenger tries to plead his case again, the attendant reprimands him, saying, “You ain’t no doctor.”

Frontier released a statement to the Miami Herald about the incident on Wednesday, saying that all health protocols were observed but an inquiry is nonetheless under way:

“We are fully committed to the health and well-being of all customers and crew members and are reviewing the video and investigating what transpired during the flight from Miami to Philadelphia last Thursday, January 21,” it read. “During the flight, the customer’s request to move seats was accommodated. Frontier has a comprehensive set of health protocols that includes a health acknowledgment for all customers, temperature screenings for passengers and crew members before every flight and enhanced cleaning of aircraft.”