The next iteration of quiet luxury? The jazz era.

  • The Pinterest Predicts 2024 report said searches for jazz-inspired clothing is on the rise.

  • A stylist told Business Insider the jazz aesthetic is close to the quiet luxury aesthetic.

  • She contributed this rise to the return of the "classy night out."

Following on from the mob wife aesthetic and grandpa-core, a new, old trend is here in the form of the jazz revival.

The Pinterest Predicts 2024 report said searches for jazz-inspired outfits are on the up, suggesting that this year is likely to bring a "jazz revival" for both millennials and Gen Zs.

Erin Eagle, stylist and founder of A Style Set, told Business Insider this is likely due to the return of the "classy night out." She said people are putting more importance on getting ready to go out for nice dinners or to a jazz bar after the pandemic imposed restrictions on the hospitality industry.

Jazz-inspired outfits are the original quiet luxury, Eagle says

A close up image of a girl using her hand to move her hair from her face. She is wearing black sheer gloves with a ring over, and a pink dress
Hailee Steinfeld wearing opera gloves at the 2024 Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, California.Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Eagle told BI the jazz aesthetic lends itself to the quiet luxury aesthetic, which became popular in 2023 and is likely to continue in 2024 too.

She said a way to tap into the jazz trend is to focus on the roaring 20s and "old Hollywood vibe."

Eagle added that 2024 awards season looks are already taking inspiration from this era. "People have been wearing long gloves, I saw that a lot with the Golden Globes looks," she said, adding that these can be paired with a simple long, black dress to amp up the aesthetic.

What to wear to a jazz bar

"Just do an all black outfit, it definitely still has that aesthetic, but it's also not too much," Eagle said. She suggested a long, black fitted dress as a timeless piece that also fits the jazz revival look.

She said for those who want to go all out, incorporating a fringe miniskirt with a plain top and blazer would be fitting for the occasion but still be subtle enough.

And for fans of the viral bow trend, Eagle said a hair bow would bring the look together.

Shop vintage to get the jazz aesthetic

Fast fashion production is at a high. McKinsey reported that as of 2016, over 100 billion garments are produced globally per year.

Eagle said the jazz aesthetic is a great opportunity to proritize shopping vintage.

She told BI that trends are coming and going faster than ever before, and "it can definitely be overwhelming, especially for someone who isn't interested in fashion."

She said it's important to remember that you don't need to hop on every trend or buy a brand new outfit every time another trend comes along, though the industry might be telling you otherwise.

"Stay true to your own style, stay true to what you like," she said, adding that you can hop on trends when you want to, "but definitely don't rely on them because it's impossible to keep up."

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