Fresh photos of UK PM drinking reignite 'Partygate'

STORY: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing fresh allegations that he broke lockdown rules.

New photos have emerged of him drinking at an event in Downing Street in November 2020.

The photos - obtained by UK broadcaster ITV News – show Johnson making a speech and raising a glass.

However, at that time large gatherings with people outside of one’s own household were banned – and England had been put back into lockdown due to rising cases of COVID-19.

The opposition Labour party has accused Johnson of lying about events at his residence.

Deputy leader Angela Rayner said:

"Boris Johnson said repeatedly that he knew nothing about law-breaking – there’s no doubt now, he lied, Johnson made the rules, and then broke them."

UK police, when asked about the photo, referred to a statement saying they had finished their investigation into Downing Street parties.

Johnson was not fined for taking part in the November 2020 event.

Meanwhile – the UK government is on the brink of publishing a long-awaited report by top civil servant Sue Gray - into the events held at Downing Street during various lockdowns.

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