Fred Sirieix wants to host First Dates when he’s 80

Fred Sirieix wants to still be hosting 'First Dates’ when he’s 80 years old.

The 52-year-old maître d'hôtel has been presenting the romantic Channel 4 reality show since it debuted in 2013, with the programme still proving to be very popular with viewers.

Fred has no intention to ever leave his role on the show and he thinks that he gets more wise when it comes to matters of the heart as he gets older.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, he said: "I think that as long as people love love, there is a future for ‘First Dates’.

“When people get bored of love is when people get bored of ‘First Dates’. As for me, I see myself doing this when I’m 80 years old. It’s a lovely show and I have to say that the longer you do it, the better you are at it.

“It’s about experience and people, and the more you understand and know people the better you get at doing your job in this restaurant.”

As well as ‘First Dates’, Fred also has presented 'Million Pound Menu', 'Remarkable Places to Eat', 'Snackmasters' and Prime Video's ‘The World Cook’, which he co-hosts with Emma Willis.

Fred maybe a Frenchman, who was raised in Limoges, but he has nothing but praise for the culinary scene in Britain, his adopted homeland.

When quizzed on how he felt about British food, Fred said there has been a “kind of a rebirth of British cooking” due to a shift in focus to utilising locally-sourced produce.

He explained: "There are lots of lovely English dishes. British cuisine has changed and we are talking about modern British cuisine now.

“All the dishes that come to mind, for example, you could have fish and chips, you could have your Sunday roast. But I think that British cuisine has evolved and is more ingredient led, because people have discovered a newly-found passion for the farm, what grows.

“And depending on where you are, whether it be Wales or Scotland or Ireland or England, you have these great growers and producers who are just now producing incredible produce. It’s all locally sourced, it’s all seasonal. And that is what British cuisine has become.

“It’s kind of a rebirth of British cooking and people are becoming increasingly proud of their roots. In a sense, it’s like regional cooking is being reborn, that is something that I love and it’s nice to see young chefs who are coming up with incredible recipes using the local produce, which is something that we needed to see for a long time.”

'The World Cook' Season 2 is brought to you by TUI and is available now on Prime Video.